Matthew 4:4 "It is written, Man does not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from the mouth of God."



Holy Eucharist October 10
  "How to Inherit Eternal Life"

Holy Eucharist October 3
  "Foundation of Biblical Marriage"

Holy Eucharist September 26
  "Be Worthy Salt!"

Holy Eucharist September 19
  "How To Be Great"

Holy Eucharist September 12
  "Ashamed of Jesus?"

Holy Eucharist September 5
  "He has done all things well"

Holy Eucharist August 29
   "The need to cleanse the heart"

Holy Eucharist August 22
   "Christian Progressives cannot
     accept Jesus for who he is"

 Holy Eucharist August 15
  "The True Daily Bread"

 Holy Eucharist August 8
  "Taught by God"

Holy Eucharist August 1
  "The Bread of Life"




 Holy Eucharist July 25
   "God Is In Control"

 Holy Eucharist July 18
  "Christ's Compassion"

 Holy Eucharist July 11
  "Subtle Trap of Sin"

Holy Eucharist July 4
  "The Disciples' Mission"

 Holy Eucharist June 27
  "The Great Physician"

Holy Eucharist June 20
  "Power over the Storms of Life"

 Holy Eucharist June 13
  "Sharing Jesus-spiritual seeding"

 Holy Eucharist June 6
  "The unpardonable sin"

Trinity Sunday Holy Eucharist May 30
  "God's Love -John 3:16"

 Pentecost Holy Eucharist May 23
"Power from the Holy Ghost"

Sunday Service May 2
  "Are you part of the Living Vine?"

 Sunday Service April 25
  "The Good Shepherd"

Holy Eucharist April 18
  "Eyes opened to see the Scriptures
in the light of Christ"

 Holy Eucharist April 11
  "Blessed are those who have not seen,
    and still believe" *





 Holy Eucharist April 4
"Revelation of Easter"

Holy Eucharist March 28
  Palm Sunday

  "Christ our Substitute"

Holy Eucharist March 21
Lent 5

  "Christ the seed for newness of life"

Holy Eucharist March 14
Lent 4

  "A Brazen Serpent and Saving Faith"

Holy Eucharist March 7
Lent 3

  "Temple Purity" *

Holy Eucharist February 28
Lent 2

  "Gain Life for Christ's Sake" *

Lent 1 Holy Eucharist February 21

 Holy Eucharist February 14
  "Only Jesus"

Holy Eucharist February 7
  "Making Time for Prayer"

Holy Eucharist January 31
  "Authority of Jesus's Teaching"

Holy Eucharist January 24

          Jesus exhorts us to
  "Repent, Believe, and Live"

 Holy Eucharist January 17
      Phillip tells Nathaniel
  "Come and See"

Holy Eucharist January 10
  "The Baptism of Jesus Christ"

Holy Eucharist January 3

  "God's work in Providence"

Christmas Eve
Holy Eucharist December 24

Good Tidings of Great Joy!

Holy Eucharist November 22
  Christ the King
Matthew 25:31-46 *

Holy Eucharist August 23
Jesus says, "My Church." Matthew 16:18

Keeping Christ's Commandments June 17
John 14:15-21